Monday, September 8, 2008



1. Explain how ICT tools are used to support learning.

ICT has turned from being a technology of communication and information to a tool for curriculum creation that supports teaching and learning.

How can computers be used to support learning.

Computers can be used in the classroom. They can help teachers to keep records of lessons and grades of all students in their class. Students can also use computers to study and to do research through educational software's or the World wide web.

Accessing Information

When students want to look for information they can use the internet. The internet is a largest network of computers and has a large amount of educational Information. By using search engines like google, students can can easily find articles and publications that are related to their field of study. For example, to find a particular book, go to

Sharing Idea's

Students can also share ideas using ICT tools. They can create forums on the internet where they can share thoughts concerning some important issues. Students can share information on a local network in their school's computer lab. They can also do their homework using the telephone or an online instant messenger. ICT tools are very useful for sharing ideas.


We no longer need to use our fingers to do complex calculations. Computers are the fastest tools we can use for calculation. Students who study complex mathematical problems can conveniently use the computer to solve them. The scientific calculator is a good tool for science and math students in the Secondary and tertiary schools. Nowadays mobile phones have calculators on them.


Illustrations help to make studying more efficient because students are able to see what the teacher is really talking about. Presenting pictures, video and audio items help the students to get a clearer picture and experience what the teacher is talking about for themselves. Computers can help a teacher to share music, videos and pictures with students when teaching. This makes teaching and learning more effective.


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